Friday, May 8, 2009

A Look I Like: Morning Coffee Run or... The Morning-After Run?

( - February 05, 2009)

The pajama trend has been a controversial point in many fashion forums and discussions--with the main drawback being that it looks too sloppy to wear in public. Ever since I saw it in the early Prada collections, I have been intrigued by how elegant it can look. Obviously it takes someone with panache to pull it off. I think it works best when either the top or bottom is paired with something unexpected. (Ex. A silk pajama top with a satin evening skirt or pajama pants with a blazer, as seen above.) I love how stylist/editor Anastasia Barbieri created a long, unstructured silhouette with the oversized masculine blazer and beige scarf.

This reminds me of something that I used to do when I was a single college student living in the West Village--toss an overcoat over my jammies and run downstairs to Taylor's Bakery for a coffee or English breakfast tea...Although I doubt I looked nearly as chic!

Style Sighting: Dree Hemingway

Last night, at the Cinema Society's after-party for "The Brothers Bloom" (starring Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz, and Mark Ruffalo), I met the lovely Dree Hemingway. While she simply introduced herself as "Dree," I instantly recognized her from the Who What Wear Daily mailer where she was featured as Girl of the Month.

I was chatting with Dree's friend Becka, who called her over and showed her my Ikou Tschuss scarf. It was sort of hard to miss--the giant scarf is made from a bright, vermillion red double-washed silk with a multicolored wool crocheted trim. "Omg, I'm obsessed with scarves!" she marveled, "Where can I get one?"

***Ok. Before I continue, I must note that I had chatted with Adrien Brody earlier. While that in itself made me pinch myself... The fact that Dree Hemingway, WWW's Girl of the Month, liked something that I (?!) was wearing??? That was beyond.***

At one point our conversation veered towards vintage shopping in New York. I told her about a fabulous vintage dress that I had purchased last summer from Narnia, a shop on the Lower East Side. As I was describing the polka dot tulle train and silk flowers on the back, she exclaimed: "I know exactly which dress you're talking about. It was very Lacroix! I was going to buy it but when I came back it was gone!"

What are the odds of that? So, we exchanged numbers so that we can go vintage shopping together one weekend.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Look I Like: A Breezy Androgynous Ensemble

( - June 04, 2008)

While the summertime warrants showing off some skin in an overtly feminine manner (minidresses, denim cut-offs, platform wedges, etc.), I love how she paired this vintage playsuit with the blue-tinted sunglasses and brogues. There's something very sexy and confident about incorporating these masculine elements.

I've always kind of wanted full wavy hair like that. (Sadly, I took the plunge with a full-on perm a la Carrie Bradshaw six years ago and realized that it was not for me.) I think this look also works because she is glowy with a slight tan.

No Ordinary Beauty: Lauren Hutton

"There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." --Sir Francis Bacon

Yesterday morning, at the press preview for the Costume Institute's "Model as Muse" exhibition, I snapped this photo of a young Lauren Hutton with my BlackBerry. I found that I could connect to her face for some reason--perhaps because own my eyes are slightly askew like hers.

According to the exhibition, Hutton gained great commercial success because of her irregular features. Many American women could relate to the image that she projected. And, while she grew to become an iconic model, I have to admit that she also sometimes looks like a crazy lady nowadays with the kinky hair, gapped teeth, and disconjugated gaze.