Friday, May 8, 2009

Style Sighting: Dree Hemingway

Last night, at the Cinema Society's after-party for "The Brothers Bloom" (starring Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz, and Mark Ruffalo), I met the lovely Dree Hemingway. While she simply introduced herself as "Dree," I instantly recognized her from the Who What Wear Daily mailer where she was featured as Girl of the Month.

I was chatting with Dree's friend Becka, who called her over and showed her my Ikou Tschuss scarf. It was sort of hard to miss--the giant scarf is made from a bright, vermillion red double-washed silk with a multicolored wool crocheted trim. "Omg, I'm obsessed with scarves!" she marveled, "Where can I get one?"

***Ok. Before I continue, I must note that I had chatted with Adrien Brody earlier. While that in itself made me pinch myself... The fact that Dree Hemingway, WWW's Girl of the Month, liked something that I (?!) was wearing??? That was beyond.***

At one point our conversation veered towards vintage shopping in New York. I told her about a fabulous vintage dress that I had purchased last summer from Narnia, a shop on the Lower East Side. As I was describing the polka dot tulle train and silk flowers on the back, she exclaimed: "I know exactly which dress you're talking about. It was very Lacroix! I was going to buy it but when I came back it was gone!"

What are the odds of that? So, we exchanged numbers so that we can go vintage shopping together one weekend.

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  1. Ah! so lucky! update us some more on your encounters!