Friday, May 8, 2009

A Look I Like: Morning Coffee Run or... The Morning-After Run?

( - February 05, 2009)

The pajama trend has been a controversial point in many fashion forums and discussions--with the main drawback being that it looks too sloppy to wear in public. Ever since I saw it in the early Prada collections, I have been intrigued by how elegant it can look. Obviously it takes someone with panache to pull it off. I think it works best when either the top or bottom is paired with something unexpected. (Ex. A silk pajama top with a satin evening skirt or pajama pants with a blazer, as seen above.) I love how stylist/editor Anastasia Barbieri created a long, unstructured silhouette with the oversized masculine blazer and beige scarf.

This reminds me of something that I used to do when I was a single college student living in the West Village--toss an overcoat over my jammies and run downstairs to Taylor's Bakery for a coffee or English breakfast tea...Although I doubt I looked nearly as chic!


  1. I'm almost sure that you looked even more chic when you went to the bakery with your jammies!
    This could be a Carrie Bradshaw outfit, too.

    I'm glad you have this blogspot. What a great way to express your keen eye on fashion. Oh how I wish to see what you're wearing these days, though!

    Also, I've been a VERY good girl...almost starting to dislike looking at online shops and stores because it pains me to spend spend spend like I used to.

    I hope to see you sometime in the near future. My two girlfriends and I are planning to move to NY after we finish our terms with Teach for America.

  2. I've been looking through ur blog, and I absolutely like it! I like Lauren Hutton, and I love Carrie Bradshaw, great posts!

  3. i just read on swank heights blog that you started out blogging with a xanga and now you've come over to blogspot.
    i find that fascinating because i have spent a huge bulk of my blogging days (which started out with just personal entries of things that happened to me daily) on xanga. i started my fashion blog on xanga ( and i moved it over to blogspot last year (i update both "branches" though.
    it's nice to meet a fellow xangan on here!

  4. wow i really like this outfit!!! and your blog is sooo nice