Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Holy Grail: Vintage Ungaro

So, I have been on a hunt for vintage Ungaro for the longest time. Last year, it was easy to come across on eBay--and at rock-bottom prices too! Nowadays it's in the 3-digit range, so imagine my delight when I found one on for only $65!

Granted, I wish that it was in a more vibrant print, but I'm really happy with this one because (1) it features his signature pleating and (2) the style is very 80's but modern too. I just need to have the bustier and waist taken in and shorten the hemline.

J'adore vintage Ungaro.... And je will continue on the search for more! It's like an addiction. The thrill of the chase!

(Speaking of Ungaro.... I received a press release yesterday that Lindsay Lohan was appointed Artistic Advisor for Emanuel Ungaro. Is anyone else as perplexed as I am?)


  1. cute dress!

    yeah cant wait to see what lindsay lohan comes up with!

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  3. what a great find! love the dress.

    and yeah, lindsay lohan + fashion = weirdness

  4. I have a vintage Emanuel Ungaro blazer at my store. its imperfect Concepts Boutique. Lime Green & black

  5. Love the dress! Love the quest!

    re: LL: I am such an optimist I make people sick; however; this news sent me into a tailspin crying out my Granny's phrase: "THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET!!!!!!!!"

    That's all there is to it!

  6. hello!
    I remember you blogging about the Blank leather skinny pants before and thought I'd share this in case you still want them. They are now available. They are sold out at NAsty Gal, Cusp, Saks and Shopbop but I think you can do a back order at Cusp which ships in February or order them at which still have a few 24, 27 and 28.