Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fleeting Beauty: PRADA's Spring 2009 Ad Campaign

Gorgeously shot by Steven Meisel, this ad campaign showcases a ravaged elegance that only the genius of Miuccia Prada can successfully conjure. The models look incredibly weightless, yet radiate with the grace of goddesses.

Polished chignons, dangling pearl earrings, flushed cheeks, and glowing skin!.... These tenants of femininity, matched with permanently wrinkled garments, create a dichotomy that's utterly glamorous.

HBO's fictionalized version of Grey Gardens has the tagline: "True glamour never fades." To me, Prada's Spring 2009 collection is like Little Edie: something vibrant and inspired that still retains that final thread; that flickering light, that connects it to a concept of beauty that's beyond its own realization.

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