Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eBay Heartbreak: YSL Fall/Winter 2007 Runway Dress

It has happened to fashionistas the world over: the eBay steal that got away.

This week, for me, it was this fabulous silk/wool/cashmere dress from the Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2007 runway dress. It was supposed to replace my long-sleeved Narciso Rodriguez number as the Go-To LBD in my wardrobe. This dress would've worked in numerous settings: Sotheby's cocktails, nice dinners, business meetings, or just on a regular day where I feel like dressing up more polished than usual. It would've been the perfect blank canvas where I could experiment with different belts, gloves, shoes, hosiery, and jewelry.

My highest bid was $175. The dress sold for $188. Tragedy!!! Quel dommage!!! I checked my email and realized that I never received any warnings from eBay about being outbid. Pourquoi??? I actually wailed with sorrow when I saw that big red X followed by "Sorry, you were outbid."

Now I am left with thoughts of what would've been. Sigh. The worst.


  1. i'm so sorry you were outbid! that YSL dress does look fab.
    hmmm, peter thomas roth = expensive. it better work! thanks for commenting my site :)

  2. Oh how devastating! It's gorgeous.
    I feel you pain, don't worry, I'm sure there's an equally fabulous dress out there waiting for you x

  3. This dress is so perfect and versatile....oh I feel the pain for you, B!

  4. horreur!!

    but on a brighter note: there are more perfect black lbd's in the world (and maybe even, dare i say it, even better than this one!) which you will most certainly obtain.


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