Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mayfair Lady

Here's a pic of me in Mayfair from a recent trip to London. There was a time when I would never wear an outfit like this--button-down shirt, vintage Lacoste sweater and jeans. I was somewhat of a tomboy growing up and when I moved to New York I wanted to only wear heels and channel Carrie Bradshaw as much as possible. An outfit like this, to me at the time, was too boring. I would be self-conscious that I looked too "masculine". As I think about it more, this is the kind of outfit that represents my everyday personal style in the truest way: comfy with a twist (just add red lipstick, a fab scarf, heels, and a Chanel bag haha). Funny when I think back to all of the style barriers that I imposed on myself.

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