Monday, June 22, 2009

The Maxi Trench Coat Dilemma

(The Sartorialist - July 17, 2007)

A few years ago, I purchased a vintage 1970's spy trench coat that looks very similar to the one seen above: maxi-length with a beautiful swing in the body to give it a touch of drama. To me, it was just what I needed on an upcoming trip to Paris that year. I did end up wearing it throughout the trip, feeling particularly chic strolling alone the Seine, but the truth is, the length made it unwieldy to move in. I've rarely worn it since then due to this reason so I think I'm going to have to chop it off to knee-length. Aside from the unwieldy factor, I think that the maxi length looks disporportionate to my height (approx. 5'4"). I'm a little bit wistful because I like to keep really cool items in their original form. Bah.


  1. yeah, shorties like me can't pull anything long off unless it's my wedding dress.

  2. i think it can be one of those pieces that can actually make you look taller than you actually are if it's worn the right way. i really like the maxi length!! you should keep it... :)