Friday, June 19, 2009

Neo Classiques Wishlist Update

I'm very proud to announce that I purchased these exact YSL Tribute Too pumps in a most recessonista fashion: I sold a Chanel bag that I never wore and parlayed the funds into these babies. I tried them on with practically everything in my wardrobe and they gave everything an instant refresher--a silk Prada sheath transformed into a modern vision! Also, I must note that, while being six-and-a-half inches higher in altitude in these shoes, the air certainly feels different... I feel as though it's a more beautiful world haha.

Nothing like a karmic exchange to rid one of the guilt associated with high-end purchases.


  1. I'd like to call this the perfect trade.

    When are you going to sell me some of your old goodies lady.

  2. awesome! congrats on the new exchange! YOU GO GIRL