Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Snow White, Snow Bright: Ellis Faas' Signature Red


I just read about a new beauty line called Ellis Faas in the last issue of Vogue Paris. The woman behind the label is renowned Dutch-born make-up artist Ellis Faas (she's worked with prestigious clients on major projects, such as creating Kate Winslet's look for Lancome's internationally-run Tresor ads).

The brand was recently launched with Ellis Lips, a collection of lip colors offered in three different textures: Creamy, Milky, and Glazed. What fascinated me most is that the color palette is based on "human colors"--which means that, for example, a shade of purple in a bruise could be used in an eyeshadow. According to the website, since these colors naturally exist in the human body, they are universally flattering.

There's already a signature color, Ellis Red, which was inspired by the color that Snow White's mother wished for her daughter's lips to have: blood-red. Since the color of human blood is the same in everyone, this color theoretically works on all skin tones and ages. I've been looking for the perfect red and I think this might be it. The hefty price tag makes me hesitate, though: €24.95. I think I might still try it, but I'll wait a little. I'm still in recovery from the YSL Tribute Too pumps and that eBay splurge on the Prada cape/coat.

I find the other colors in this range equally ravishing:


  1. I wonder what inspired that dark orange-y color on the bottom left! "human colors" has got me thinking now!

  2. I would like to know how the red looks on once you get it, B. I love the first color best...au natural!

  3. iell your right what could that orange one be:P

    the first is fierce!

  4. You guys got me wondering too! The only thing I can think of is sometimes when a giant bruise is healing, there's a ring of orange around it.

  5. Love the first one, it's the perfect slightly pink/nude color to pair with smokey eyes.

  6. i think it's those lips!!!! I wonder if there is such a thing as a lip model only..like a hand model!

  7. I really like how the 'based on human colors' is not just some marketing strategy, you can really tell that they pop out on the human skin! I love the bloody red ones!!